Kodály’s Ambassador for Excellence

Katalin Forrai: Kodály’s Ambassador for Excellence
Speech by Elizabeth Moll

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CD of young talent

A new CD with works of Zoltán Kodály and Béla Bartók was presented under the label Challenge Classics in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The pianist, Valentina Tóth (18), studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.


Szuromi concert

Szuromi concert in Geneva

Article by Edouard Garo in French

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Bicinia Hungarica and Tricinia

Kodály's Bicinia Hungarica and Tricinia on CD

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Memories of Cecilia Vajda

Talk given by Mary Skone-Roberts at the IKS Symposium in Kecskemét, 2013

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The Kodály Institute At McNeese State University

The Kodály Institute At McNeese State University - 20th Summer

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Holy Names 45th Kodály Summer Institute

45th Kodály Summer Institute

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International Honour for Pierre and Margaret Perron

IKS Honorary Member Pierre Perron is sharing an international honour with his musician wife, Margaret

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