• Collections of Writings by Kodály
  • Visszatekintés [= In Retrospect] ed. Ferenc Bónis (collection of writings, speeches, including the thesis for the doctoral degree). Budapest: Zeneműkiadó, Vols. I-II: 1964, Vol. III: 1989 (in Hungarian)
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    The Selected Writings of Zoltán Kodály
    . Budapest, 1975 (translated into English)
    Zoltán Kodály: Letters. In English, French, German, Italian, Latin. ed. by Dezsõ Legánÿ and Dénes Legánÿ. Budapest: Argumentum and Kodály Archives, 2002 (in the original languages)
    Zoltán Kodály in North America ed. Richard Johnston (lectures, statements, interviews). Willowdale, Ontario: Avondale, Kodály Institute of Canada, 1986

  • Books About Kodály or the Kodály Method

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    For comprehensive bibliographic guidance:

    Houlahan, Mícheál-Tacka, Philip. Zoltán Kodály: A Guide to Research. New York, London: Garland Publishing, 1998.

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    Books from the Kodály Institute, Kecskemét.

    Publications available through WestMusic (product keyword search: Kodaly).

    Sheet music, books & more from Musicnotes.