Accompanied Choral Works

Choral Works Accompanied by an Instrument

5 Tantum Ergos (certain movements with organ acc.)
Ave Maria (org.) – women’s
Christmas Dance of the Shepherds (recorder)
Geneva Psalm No. 114 (org.) - mixed
Hymn to King Stephen (org.)
Jesus and the Children (org.) – children
Laudes organi (org.)- mixed
Missa brevis (org.)
Pange Lingua (org.) - mixed
Soldier’s Song (trumpet and side drum) – male
Wainamoinen Makes Music – harp (piano)

Choral Works Accompanied by Orchestra

At the Grave of Martyrs
Kálló Folk Dances
Missa brevis
Offertorium/Assumpta est Maria
Psalmus Hungaricus, Op. 13
Te Deum of Buda Castle