Lifetime Achievement Awards

The OAKE Lifetime Achievement Award is given to the rare person whose impact upon Kodály music education transcends that of what might be considered an outstanding educator, administrator, or researcher. This person has made such an extensive, far-reaching impact that, over time, his or her influence has left and indelible mark upon the state of American Kodály music education.

The IKS congratulates the recipients on this well deserved recognition.

2014 OAKE Lifetime Achievement Award

Laurdella Foulkes Levy

Laurdella Foulkes Levy radiates the true understanding of the ideals of the Kodály philosophy. The lessons she has presented are musical, meaningful, and joyful. Laurdella was President of OAKE, presenter for the Teacher Training Track, served on the Envoy Editorial Board, Director of Kodály Music Training Institute at Hartt School of Music. In 2006, she received the prestigious Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teacher Award from the University of Mississippi. OAKE honors Laurdella Foulkes Levy for her dedication and contributions to the musical education of so many.

Christine Jordanoff

Christine Jordanoff has profoundly impacted the quality of music, emphasis on the voice, and commitment to her students. She is constantly encouraging and supportive. While at Duquesne University, Christine revamped the curriculum, course content, new standards for all student teachers, and graduation requirements elevating the department to reach toward the ideals of Zoltán Kodály. As Chair of Choral Studies, she conducted the Voices of Spirit with enthusiasm and energy. Christine was a founding member of OAKE and served as President guiding this new organization on a firm foundation. She was co-founder of the OAKE Envoy starting everything from scratch. Always reliable for her help and sound advice, OAKE honors Christine Jordanoff for her devotion to music education.

Elizabeth "Betsy" Moll

After three years of studying, observing, and teaching in Hungary, Elizabeth “Betsy” Moll returned to the US to work with Jean Sinor at the University of Indiana. Betsy’s methodology classes were a wonderful combination of lecture, music-making, modeling, questioning, and lesson planning. She has quietly shared her understanding of this amazing teaching philosophy around the country. This “Kodály Crusader” worked with Ginny Irvin at Sam Houston State University in Texas, developed pre-school music program in Pittsburgh, PA, and, musicianship classes at Duquesne University. Recently returning to Hungary, Betsy has translated further writings of Zoltán Kodály, and, is organizing/translating the papers of Katalin Forrai. As Past-President of OAKE, founding Co-editor of OAKE Envoy, Betsy is a true teacher/musician instilled the love and joy for music, and life, with all those she meets. In April, the Hungarian government will award her the “Pro Cultura Hungarica” award for one’s life work or special contribution to the Hungarian culture. OAKE honors Betsy Moll for her many achievements as a music educator.

Rita Klinger (†)

Dr. Rita Klinger was trained as both a music educator and ethnomusicologist, and, skillfully brought methods from both disciplines together. Rita grew up in New York City, studied music education at Hartt School of Music, moved to Israel to live and study, returned to the US, and continued her education at Holy Names University and the University of Washington. Mention the word “transition” and teachers from across the country immediately think of Rita’s transformative workshops in this area of instructional planning. Writings of Rita include: articles in the OAKE Envoy, Journal of Research in Music Education, The Bulletin of the Council of Research in Music Education, and Journal for Music Teacher Education; publications in Making Music series by Silver Burdett/Ginn, Lessons for Smithsonian Folkways, Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, Garland Encyclopedia of World Music and Education: Facing the Issues by NAfME, and, Lesson Planning in the Kodály Classroom, a new publication of OAKE. Her presentations included state and national conferences, namely, the Society for Ethnomusicology and the International Society for Music Education. Rita personified commitment to musical and scholarly excellence, intelligence, talent, compassion, and courage, and humor. As a scholar, teacher, and musician, Rita demonstrated top-quality skills. She possessed the bright, inquisitive mind and creative spirit that has made her irreplaceable in the movement to bring Kodály-inspired music education to children and adults throughout the world. OAKE remembers and honors Dr. Rita Klinger for her life’s work humanizing our broken world.