News from Lake Charles, Louisiana

Ann Eisen and Lamar Robertson about their contact with Kodály's vision

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Ten Folk Songs Sung in Belgium

2-part arrangements and piano accompaniments of '5 Flemish and 5 French folk songs sung in Belgium' by Gilbert De Greeve

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DVD: Bartók Concert Live Recording

The Fukushima Kodály Choir's live concert recording available.

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IKS Songbook

Check out this IKS publication!

First Performance in Budapest

The Ferenc Erkel Choir performed "Mass No. 3" (world premiere) of the Greek Composer Philippos Tsalahouris in Budapest.

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Mixed Choirs on CDs

Works for Mixed Choir
Vol. 1 (1903-1936) and
Vol. 2 (1937-1947)

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Visszatekintés - New Edition

 New edition of the famous Visszatekintés

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