Chamber Music

Chamber Works

3 Chorale Preludes, J. S. Bach, trs. for cello and piano
Adagio (3 versions: violin-piano, viola-piano, cello-piano)
Duo for violin and cello (Op. 7)
Epigrams for double bass and piano
Gavotte for 3 violins and cello
Háry: 6 Easy Pieces, transcript for 2 clarinets and piano
Háry: Intermezzo for violin and piano
Hungarian Rondo/Old Hungarian Marching Songs for string orchestra, two clarinets, two bassoons
Intermezzo for String Trio
‘Lute’ Prelude in C Minor (Schm. 999) J. S. Bach, for Violin and piano
Prelude and Fugue in E flat minor, Book I, J. S. Bach, for cello. and piano
Romance Lyrique, cello and piano
Rondo from the 5th violin sonata, Joseph Haydn, arranged for junior string orchestra (2 violins and violoncello)
Sonata for cello and piano (Op. 4)
Sonatina for Violoncello and Piano
String Quartet No. 1 (Op. 2)
String Quartet No. 2 (Op. 10)
Trio Serenade for 2 Violins and Viola (Op. 12)
Valsette (transcript for piano and violin]