Election Results 2023


Election Committee:

Zsuzsanna Polyák (Hungary), Chairperson
Charolyn Cheng (Philippines) and Dr. Michael Bradshaw (Australia), Members

On 4th June 20212 the Election Committee came together for the counting of the votes in the office of the Zoltán Kodály Memorial in Budapest for the counting of the votes sent in by the members..

Presents are:
Ms. Zsuzsanna Polyák, Chairperson of the Election Committee
Ms. Theodóra Sebestyén, substitute for Ms. Carolyn Cheng
Ms. Anna Hernádi, substitute for Dr. Michael Bradshaw
Mrs. Krisztina Molnár-Litvai, IKS Executive Secretary

The results are:
President: Dr. Jerry-Louis Jaccard, USA
Vice-PresidentSusanna Saw, Malaysia
Director: Dr. Miriam Factora, Philippines/USA
Director: Hilda Mercedes Morán Quiroz, Mexico
Auditor: Róisín Blunnie, Ireland
Alternate Auditor: Dominika Lenska, Poland

The President and the Executive Secretary found everything in order according to Article V of the Statutes and Item 4 of the Election By-law of the IKS. The results were officially ratified at the General Assembly in Los Angeles, California, USA in person and via Zoom, on 4th August 2023. The mandate of the newly elected officers (2023-2027) started from that moment.


Board of Directors

 Honorary President   Sarolta Kodály, Hungary
  Jerry L. Jaccard, USA
 Past President
  James Cuskelly, Australia
  Susanna Saw, Malaysia
  László Norbert Nemes, Hungary
 Secretary-Treasurer   Shinji Inagi, Japan
  Miriam B. Factora, Philippines
  Lucinda Geoghegan, UK
  Hilda Mercedes Morán Quiroz, Mexico
 Executive Secretary   Krisztina Molnár-Litvai, Hungary

Committee of Auditors

Eila Peterson, Canada
Anne Ralph, Ireland
Giusi Barbieri, Italy
Alternate Auditor Róisin Blunnie, Ireland
Alternate Auditor Dominika Lenska, Poland