120 quotations from Zoltán Kodály's writings and speeches. Compiled by Ildikó Herboly Kocsár

The publication is in English and Hungarian.
Did Zoltán Kodály write a book on methodology? Hungarian and foreign music educators have often asked this question. The answer is definitively no. However, in reading his writings, statements, forewords and epilogues to his reading-practicing exercises, we can get a clear picture of an explicitly outlined concept of w h a t, w h e n and h o w should be taught in order that music becomes accessible for everyone.
The 120 quotations refer to:
- the role of music in the nurturing of youth, in public education,
- the primary importance of singing,
- children's songs and folksongs in the kindergarten and school curricula,
- the importance of musical reading and writing,
- the use of relative solmisation as the most effective tool,
- the use of the early introduction of polyphony,
- the real connoisseur of music,
- listening to music-program music,
- good music-bad music, the effect of music on general human behavior,
- the role of the teacher,
- the importance of singing in choirs,
- contemporary music,
- the adaptation of the concept in other countries.
A short list of interesting exercises is added (in English) to the volume.

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