Colourstrings Method – 50 years!

Csaba and Géza Szilvay came to Finland in 1971 and started their marvellous work at the Eastern Helsinki Music Institute. This was also the beginning of the Colourstrings Method – a method that has spread all over the world. As the Szilvay brothers often say, the method and the ideas behind their teaching system are strongly based on Kodály’s thoughts and teaching. That’s why the Finnish Kodály Society (FKS) was very happy and proud to be part of the celebrations in Helsinki.

In the beginning of October Géza gave an unforgettable course (live!) for violinists and viola players. During the course Virva Garam (Vice President of FKS) did a brilliant work playing the piano parts of many pieces. A week later Csaba gave an online course for Finnish cellists.


There were also concerts given in connection with this 50-year anniversary: on 2nd October we celebrated with a beautiful Kodály Concert at the Institute of Hungarian Culture (Helsinki), where one could enjoy the outstanding performance of Kodály’s Duo for violin and cello played by Réka Szilvay (violin, Professor at the Sibelius-Academy) and Marko Ylönen (cello, Professor at the Sibelius-Academy).

The first movement of Kodály’s Sonata for Solo Cello op. 8 was performed by Olli Varonen (President of FKS). An interesting lecture about Zoltán Kodály was presented by Katariina Záborszky (member of the FKS board). Outside the capital two concerts were given as well with Hungarian program. Those concerts were held in Harjavalta and Salo, performed by Olli and Anna-Maaria Varonen (member of the FKS board) with Virva Garam.


The outstanding work – 50 years and still going on – by Géza and Csaba Szilvay has left great impact not only on string players but on the whole of music life and education in Finland.

Thank you very much, Géza and Csaba!

Olli Varonen