Recent publications of the IKS


  • Music, a Universal Language. 31 folksongs from 21 different countries with an arrangement of each song for 2- or 3-part children's or youth choir. With 2 CDs.

  • Music Should Belong to Everyone. 120 quotations from Zoltán Kodály's writings and speeches. Compiled by Ildikó Herboly Kocsár.

  • An Ode For Music. 11 analyses of choral compositions of Zoltán Kodály. Compiled by Judit Hartyányi.

  • IKS Bulletin Archives CD.

  • The Legacy of Zoltán Kodály. An Oral History Perspective. Edited by Sister Mary Alice Hein.

  • Jubilee Bulletin. A compilation of major articles published in the past decades, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the IKS.

          You can order any of these publications by contacting the Executive Office.