A CD (in searchable PDF form) is made available with the first 40 years of International Kodály Society Bulletin publications (1976 – 2015).

This CD contains an invaluable source of articles and research data. More than 70 Bulletin Booklet publications, over 500 articles including photographs and general information about the International Kodály Society.

The materials are available in “Bulletin-form” (as an exact reproduction of the hard copy publication) and as “individual articles” per publication.

Research can be done in every possible way: names of authors, subjects, titles, etc.

Furthermore there is an excel file with an alphabetical list of the authors and the titles of their contributions, a read-me.doc and a file with the Hungarian font, necessary for certain search commands.

This new IKS publication is in particular valuable for researchers and libraries, greatly facilitating consultation.

The IKS offers the CD to its full members for USD 10.00 + postage and for USD 40.00 (20% reduction) + postage to its registered members. For non-members it is USD 50.00 + postage.