Géza Szilvay

In its annual meeting 2012 the Board of the International Kodály Society granted Honorary Membership to Professor Géza Szilvay of Finland.


It is an honour to write about Géza Szilvay and his truly outstanding contribution to the world of music education, not only in terms of what he has achieved in Finland with ‘his children’ at the music school in East Helsinki, but also what he has done for the world. He is the most modest of pedagogues, one who shares his ideas, excitement, and deep musical and human values. He continually strives to improve and better understand the problems teachers experience in order to get better results in children who are learning the violin in particular but music in general. He is generous with his time and is an inspiration to all who meet him. I have never known anyone who, having met him, has not been touched by his vision and inspiration. How we wish that Zoltán Kodály could have seen and heard the results of Géza’s dedication. We are the lucky ones because we have seen and heard them.
Géza, on behalf of the countless numbers of students and teachers you have inspired so far, thank you for all you have done and are continuing to do!


David Vinden