General Assembly 2022 Minutes


International Kodály Society

General Assembly

held online

Friday, 26 August, 2022, at 7 am CEST via Zoom

hosted from Budapest, Hungary


Summary of the Minutes




1.     Jerry-Louis Jaccard, the president of the International Kodály Society welcomed those attending. Introduced the members of the Board and officers by name:


- President: Dr. Jerry-Louis Jaccard

- Immediate Past President: Dr. James Cuskelly

- Vice-President: Dr. László Norbert Nemes

- Vice-President: Ms. Susanna Saw

- Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. Shinji Inagi

- Director: Ms. Lucinda Geoghegan

- Director: Dr. Miriam B. Factora

- Director: Dr. Anikó Fehér

- Executive Secretary: Mrs. Krisztina Molnár-Litvai


The Agenda for the General Assembly 2022 was approved.



2.     The minutes of the previous General Assembly were approved.


3.     The Executive Secretary gave an overview of the year 2021 



Board: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Board held its annual meeting online via Zoom on 8 August at 10 pm CET, and also exchanged emails about various matters regarding the activities of the Society, focusing especially on the 25th International Kodály Symposium 2021.

The Board accorded to have 4 Board Meetings every quarter of the year. 

The partial election of board members was done. 

In the second half of the year board members took part in a series of monthly events entitled ‘Kodály Online Hangouts’ which are for IKS members only as a benefit of membership.


IKS needs a strong permanent membership. 


Website & Webshop: After the initial difficulties with the installation and launching of the USD-based banking module, the webshop was running again.


IKS, Sarolta Kodály I and II Scholarships were in effect.  Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the courses were held online or in a hybrid way.


IKS Patron Lady Solti passed away during the year. 


Agnes Sztana stepped down as executive secretary. The new executive secretary, Krisztina Molnár-Litvai, was registered with the Hungarian court in October-November.



4.     Dr. Shinji Inagi gave a Report on Membership - according to the database at the end of 2021, there were 480 members from 33 countries in total, 28 paid-up institutional members, 68 new members,2 new countries, and 1 country did not renew.


5.     The Executive Secretary reported on Publications


The IKS Bulletin appears twice each year. Indexed in RILM Abstracts of Music Literature. It is also available as full-text on RAFT to libraries and academic institutions subscribed to EBSCO. There are four sellers/agents managing subscriptions for the Bulletin. There is no new publication, but there is a big quantity of previously published books that are available via the IKS webshop.



6.     The Annual Report 2021 was approved.



7.     Dr. Shinji Inagi shortly reported on the Denise Bacon Endowment which is placed on a secure savings account in Hungary since Spring 2015.


8.     Dr. Shinji Inagi presented the proposal for increasing the Membership and Subscription fees. The proposal was approved.


New fees from 1 January 2023:

Type of the fee



20 USD


40 USD


30 USD


10 USD



9.     The draft Budget for 2022 was approved.


10.  Reports of the Affiliated National Institutional Members – representatives, Chairperson

Organization of American Kodály Educators – Kevin Pearson (President)

·       Kodály Australia (KMEIA) – Jason Boron - (President)                 

·       British Kodály Academy – Margaret Oliver (Chairman)                             

·       La Voix de Kodály en France – no representative

·       Japanese Kodály Society – dr. Shinji Inagi

·       Kodály Society of the Philippines – Daisy N. Marasigan – (Vice-President)

·       Danish Kodály Society – no representative, but they sent a video

·       Italian Kodály Society- Maurizio Bovero – (President)

·       Beijing Kodály Society – Jian Cui (Chair of International Department)


(Some of the Affiliated National Institutional Members have sent their written reports for 2021.)


11.  The members of the Election Committee were decided at the General Assembly according to the Board’s proposal: chair: Zsuzsanna Polyák (Hungary), Carolyn Cheng (Philippines), and Michael Lane Bradshaw (Australia).


12.  Short report on projects in progress

Kodály Hangouts – Susanna Saw

Scholarships will be continued (IKS; Sarolta Kodály I, II), and the announcements have been clarified – Executive Secretary

Negotiations for the PayPal payment method is in progress – Executive Secretary

Office technology upgrading has started. – Executive Secretary


13.  Shelly Suminski  (Co-hair of the Organizing Committee ), Miriam D. Factora and Robert Lee reported on the preparations of the next symposium in the USA in 2023, and informed the assembly that the symposium of 2023 called the Golden Anniversary – Connecting Humanity through Music, will be held in Los Angeles, California. 


14.  There were no topics for Varia


15.  There were no questions from the floor



16.  The next General Assembly will be in Los Angeles, California, USA on 4 August 2023, during the 26th International Kodály Symposium. The location and the timing will be announced later. The Agenda will be posted in due time on the IKS website.



Dr. Jaccard thanked the participants and the presenters, and the meeting was concluded.