Committee: Mary Place – Chairman (UK), Helga Dietrich (Hun), Judy Johnson (Aus),
Betsy McLaughlin-Moll (USA), Mary Stouffer (CAN)
Under the auspices of the International Kodály Society


                Recital given by Gilbert De Greeve in aid of the Katalin Forrai Award, May 16th 2015

  Venue: 23, Woodlands Road, Barnes, London, SW13 OJZ

As immediate Past-President of the International Kodály Society, Gilbert De Greeve was familiar both with Katalin Forrai and the enormous importance of her work and example to thousands of Early Years teachers worldwide. This in itself made the recital he so kindly gave in London to help fund-raise for the biennial award in her name to teachers in her field who follow in her footsteps, a fitting tribute to this wonderful lady. The recital was, however, much more than that - it was a tour de force by someone who had given so much of his time and energies to the Kodály movement, and was now giving of the best of his unique artistic talent, to the delight of all those who attended. A limpid performance of the Bach Partita No 1 was followed by Schubert’s Musical Moments Op 94 - some of the movements were very familiar, but others especially the fourth, entitled Moderato, were a revelation of more subtle beauty. After a very brief interval we were treated to an impassioned performance of Kodály’s Dances from Marosszék. Finally came five Chopin waltzes, played with a thrilling intensity, leaving the audience almost breathless with excitement and enjoyment. Applause for the recital was also extended to the hosts of the concert, Judy and Mike Hildesley, and to Mary Place, member of the committee for the award, who expressed her heartfelt thanks to Gilbert De Greeve for his generosity and support.

Celia Cviic

Gilbert De Greeve

Mary Place and Judy Hildesley