Directory of Kodály Programs

The present world landscape of music teaching

based on the Kodály concept

Being convinced that it would serve many around the globe, the IKS has taken the initiative of publishing and regularly updating a Directory of Kodály-based research and teaching in the world.

We are targeting the following groups:

      1. Research programs
      2. University education (summer courses; year around)
      3. Teacher training colleges
      4. Teacher training organized by national, regional or local organizations
      5. High school programs
      6. Primary school programs
      7. Kindergarten
      8. Supervision
      9. Kodály inspired seminars, workshops etc., that take place on a regular basis but do not qualify as a curriculum based program

Would you be so kind as to choose and fill in the questionnaire(s) provided below that apply(ies) to your institution or organization and mail it back to office[at]iks[dot]hu . If your present position or workload does not allow you to participate in this survey, could you please indicate someone that we may contact? For practical reasons all communication should be done through e-mail.

If you have knowledge of other courses or classroom teaching based on the Kodály concept in your area, we would be most grateful if you could pass on our request to your colleagues and let us know their co-ordinates.

Thanking you in advance, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

International Kodály Society


Research programs

University education - summer course

University education - year around

Teacher training colleges

Other teacher training courses

High school programs

Primary school programs



Seminars, workshops