General Assembly 2018

General Assembly
Sunday, 22 July, 2018
Kodály Museum, Budapest

(Summary of the Minutes)

President James Cuskelly welcomed those present, then gave a short overview of the past working year:

He briefly talked about the Kodály concert given by pianist József Balog, organized with the financial help from Hungary’s Ministry of Human Capacities in March 2017, online broadcast to IKS members. He talked about the symposium in Camrose in 2017 where honorary membership was given to Gilbert De Greeve. Mr Cuskelly also gave an update on the webshop which needs to be renewed. He acknowledged the death of Mihály Ittzés, president of of the Hungarian Kodály Society, former Vice-President, charter and honorary member of IKS.

The Reports of representatives of National Organizations followed.
- James Cuskelly summarized the activities of the KMEIA based on its annual report
- Lucinda Geoghegan summarized the activities of the Kodály Society of Canada
- Matthias Funkhauser – German Kodály Society
- James Cuskelly reported on the Kodály Society of Ireland
- Judit Hartyányi – Hungarian Kodály Society
- Klára Natternád Márkusné, editor of the Newsletter of the Hungarian Kodály Society presented a recent publication of the HKS entitled Kodály Zoltán ábrázolások a képzőművészetben (=Portrayals of Zoltán Kodály in Art) to all those who were present
- Carlos Miró – Kodály Society of Chile and México
- Katherine Hickey and Sandra Mathias – OAKE
- Margaret Oliver – British Kodály Academy
- James Cuskelly said that they would continue to search contact with those societies that do not seem to be active.

The annual report 2017 and the yearly budget was approved.

The Executive Secretary gave a brief update on the membership. An eventual new type of membership was discussed but not approved.

It is the Board’s intention to recruit wider readership for the Bulletin by sending out an electronic copy of the latest issue to libraries and tertiary music educations. It was also mentioned that the Japanese Kodály Society is intending to publish the IKS publication An Ode for Music, compiled by Judit Hartyányi, in Japanese.

The Executive Secretary shortly reported on the Denise Bacon Endowment which is placed on a secure savings account in Hungary since Spring 2015.

Gilbert De Greeve gave an update on the project of the Second Songbook which was undertaken by the IKS Foundation, the deadline of which has been extended.

James Cuskelly gave a short report on the preparations of the next symposium in Malaysia in 2019, and informed the assembly that the symposium in 2021 would probably be held in Katowice, Poland.

The members of the Election Committee were decided at the General Assembly according to the Board’s proposal: chair: Judit Hartyányi (Hungary), members: Kelly Foster-Griffin (USA) and Jason Boron (Australia).

Mr Cuskelly also announced that Ágnes Sztana would step down as executive secretary.

The next G.A. will be in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, on 9 August 2019, during the 24th International Kodály Symposium. The location and the timing will be announced later. The Agenda will be posted in due time on the IKS website.