Board Meeting 2016

IKS: Summary of the 2016 Board Meeting

July, 2016

Camrose, Alberta, Canada 2017:: Report from the Organizing Committee
A report was presented by Jorgianne Talbot, representative of the Organizing Committee.
James Cuskelly presented the written report of Susanna Saw about the preparation for the Symposium in 2019 in Malaysia.

Then a brief overview of the previous working year was given.

In October 2015 the Kodály Institute and IKS celebrated their 40th anniversaries with a festive concert in Budapest and a conference in Kecskemét. IKS launched a successful 40% discount campaign on its publications for the month of October.
There was a special interest in the IKS Scholarship and the Jubilee Scholarship offered for 2016.
He thanked the IKS Treasurer David Vinden for collecting materials from all over the world for the new IKS publication of Canons which would be published soon.
The Office sent letters of support to the German Kodály Society who hosted a symposium on the benefits of the moveable solfege system. They also made contact with members in Denmark, expressing willingness to support them in their efforts to reinvigorate the Society in that country. The first official Kodály training course was held in Indonesia in December. Letters of greetings were sent to the Korean Kodály Society for its 20th anniversary & to La Voix de Kodály en France for its 15th anniversary.

Financial situation
Secretary Treasurer David Vinden emphasized that although the membership is a bit stronger compared to the previous years, it is important to find ways of increasing the numbers even more.

Denise Bacon Endowment
The Executive Secretary informed the Board about the way of handling the funds.

Donations / Membership levy
The Board was informed that several Affiliated National Institutional Members have taken up the suggestion of a small membership levy and forwarded or will transfer additional monies to the IKS. Some ANIMs opted to provide donations to the IKS rather than take up the membership levy.

Public Relations
It is good to note that more and more national affiliated organizations are using the Facebook page of the Society. The Executive Secretary reported that the Digital Archives of the Bulletin had been updated and now the 1975-2015 CD version is also available. 

Mary Place, Chairman of the International Katalin Forrai Award Committee gave a short report on the Award, the re-election of committee members, and how the Call for Nominations was circulated..

The following persons were suggested to members the General Assembly for the next Election Committee: chair: Ildikó Herboly, members: Anna Waluga and Joy Nelson.

Statutes Amendments
The Executive Secretary reviewed the amendments of the IKS Statutes, how the legal requirements of the new Hungarian Civil Code had to be incorporated into the Statutes of IKS.

James Cuskelly summarized the decisions of the Board: the Jubilee Scholarship (orig. SKS I 2016-2017) was granted to Theo Vinden (UK); the IKS Scholarships 2016 were granted to Nelle Callanan (Canada), Amy Morrison (Ireland), Catherine Cheng (Philippines); the Sarolta Kodály Scholarship II 2016-2017 was given to Réiltín Nic Chárthaigh Dúill (Ireland) and an extra scholarship was offered by Mrs Kodály to Pei Wen Tham (Singapore).

The Board unanimously voted to grant Honorary Membership to Chantal Bigot-Testaz and István Párkai.