General Assembly 2019

General Assembly
Friday, 9 August, 2019
Grand Hall of the Waterfront Hotel
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

(Summary of the Minutes)

IKS President Dr. James Cuskelly welcomed those present.

Dr László Norbert Nemes gave a short overview of the past working year:

During the past twelve months the administrative and logistic handling of the society was carried out in a new management structure, a newly appointed membership secretary, Lili Vandulek. worked closely with our executive secretary. A very important project of the year was the rewriting and the harmonisation of the statutes of the society with the most current Hungarian civil law.

As a result of Director Matthias Funkhauser’s devoted efforts a licence agreement has been signed with RILM and the IKS Bulletin is now listed in the database of RILM abstracts of music literature with full text (RAFT) and subsequently starting in 2020 articles of the bulletin will be accessible through this unrivalled global bibliography of writings on music.

The society through its Board cooperated with the International Katalin Forrai Award Committee, the László Vikár Forum for Folk Music Research, the Organising Committee of the 24th IKS Symposium in Malaysia and the editorial board of the IKS Bulletin.

We are extremely proud of our scholarship winners. The IKS is forever grateful to Mrs Sarolta Kodály for her continued generous support of the society scholarship programme.

Dr Sandra Mathias announced that the auditors found the accounts of the International Kodály Society in order during the period of January 1st 2017 and December 31st 2018 and were approved by members in attendance of the Auditors’ Committee.

The Society’s financial report 2018 and the budget 2019 were presented and approved.

Dr László Norbert Nemes presented the membership report which then was approved.

The changes to the Statutes were presented by Dr. James Cuskelly (the draft document can be read here online):
- Procedural changes required as a result of civic laws in Hungary.
- Members now known as ‘full member’.
- Honorary membership title has changed in the Hungarian translation/definition.
- Application for membership now submitted electronically.
- No member (including Board Members) should attempt to harm the society.
- Amendment made to General Assembly. Voting requirement is now an electronic option. Allows decisions/changes to be made faster and easier.
- Clarify role of members of Board if nominated as referees for scholarship applications.
- Two people nominated as legal representatives of IKS. i.e. second signatory. Besides the Executive Secretary, the Vice-President of IKS has been appointed.
The new Statues were approved.

The Reports of representatives of National Organizations followed:
- Jason Goopy from Kodály Australia
- Maurizio Bovero from AIKEM (Italy)
- Nicky Woods from the British Kodály Academy
- Michalis Patseas on behalf of Matthias Funkhauser for the German Kodály Society
- Takao Nakamura from the Japanese Kodály Society
- Lucinda Geoghegan on behalf of the Kodály Society of Ireland
- Dr Sandra Mathias on behalf of Kim Eyre for the Kodály Society of Canada
- Dr Sandra Mathias on behalf Ann S. Leffard for the OAKE
- Daisy Marasigan from the Kodály Society of the Philippines
- Michalis Patseas from the Greek Kodály Society

Dr James Cuskelly reflected that all reports show that organisations are very successful with courses, concerts and spreading word of Kodály. Offered thanks to all affiliated national organisations.

Speaking of publications it was mentioned that David Vinden’s IKS Canon Book is available for purchase in ANIM countries domestically.

Prof Gilbert De Greeve gave a report on the Denise Bacon Endowment and encouraged members to donate.

Susanna Saw reported on the ongoing symposium: 500+ participants and presenters, 63 presenters, 3 international choirs. Dr James Cuskelly added that the 2019 conference was the biggest ever International Kodály Symposium and thanked Susanna and her team for the wonderful conference.

The next symposium will take place in Katowice, Poland at the Szymanowski Conservatory between August 9-14, 2021. Coordinator: Dominika Lenska.

The suggestion of Tamás Vásáry as new Patron and Michalis Patseas as new Honorary Member were approved.

Zsuzsanna Polyák (Hungary) informed members of her on-going research at the Kodály Institute of the history of the International Kodály Society and Kodály influenced music education. She also called for members (IKS and national organizations and their members) to participate in an online survey.

Dr James Cuskelly reflected on his time as President of IKS and thanked all members for support of Kodály philosophy and music-making, and perpetuating joy and a deep love of music. Dr Sandra Mathias thanked James for his time as President.

The official results of the election were presented by Jason Boron, member of the Election Committee:
President: Dr Jerry Jaccard (USA)
Vice-President: Susanna Saw (Malaysia)
Director: Anikó Fehér (Hungary)
Director: Miriam Factora (Philippines)
Auditor: Giusi Barbieri (Italy)
Alternate Auditor: Dominika Lenska (Poland)
Farewell to old members and thanks for service.

Dr Cuskelly called for the ratification of the election results. Seconded by Lucinda Geoghegan. All in favour.

The next G.A. will be held on July 26, 2020 in Budapest, Hungary. The Agenda will be posted in due time on the IKS website.